Send a Lamp and See Its Progress

When you purchase a solar lamp through Bright New Ideas we will track and map it to a specific to a family in need in a developing nation.  This is the world’s first person-to-person technology giving website.  Our focus is to use the power of light to allow you to connect with people around the world.

Tracking Interface

After you make your donation and an initial processing time, you will be able to log in and track the location of your lamp and receive updates on its deployment.  This data will include geographic coordinates of the community where the lamp is held, and vital statistics on its benefits to the end user over time, including amount of money saved.  A view of the tracking application is shown below.
Solar Lamp Tracker Interface

Get More Good for Your Dollar

Since our lamp distribution is modeled on a revolving-fund, social-entrepreneurship model, the first lamp you buy will turn into multiple lamps for additional families in the months and years ahead.  The sooner you invest your lamp for a family, the bigger impact you will be down the road.  Your profile will give updates on additional families benefiting from your initial donation over time.

How We Track The Lamps

Our lamps are distributed and collected through our partner organizations.  We use existing infrastructure of non-profit organizations who have a long-term presence in localized regions, and a vested interest in the well-being of the people they serve.  We ensure that our partner organizations on the ground have an internet presence and capability to meet our tracking requirements.  When you make a donation, your lamp investment is assigned a transaction number which is mapped to a given lamp serial number.  One standard donation is enough to supply exactly one lamp.  This lamp is shipped in a bulk quantity through standardized shipment methods to our partner organization when a minimum order quantity is reached.  When the shipment arrives, our partner organization tracks the serial numbers of the lamps and enters the name, region and date of the family who purchases the lamp you financed on our online database.  You are then able to log in and see when and where the lamp was deployed.