Our LED Lamps

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Our Solar Lamps General Philosophy

Bright New Ideas Nicaragua Worshop

We are inspired by the widely known Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  We strive to teach people in developing nations about solar-led technology and where possible how to assemble, market and support systems of their own.  We provide solutions for the entire range of people who are ready and willing to “learn how to fish,” to those who have never even heard of a fishing pole in their life.

TegaLamp Integrated Solution

The “TegaLamp,” named after the northern Nicaraguan region of Jinotega, is a fully integrated lamp that we designed source and produce for organizations which would like to run a social entrepreneurship solar lamp distribution program, but may not have the technical capabilities or supply chain available to assemble solar-LED lamps in their country.  This system is ready made, quality approved and ready to produce in mass quantities.

Hanging Up The TegaLamp, 2009

Hanging Up The TegaLamp in Ocotal, Nicaragua 2009

TegaLamp Assembly Solution

The TegaLamp Assembly Solution is a program our partner organizations institute using our designed and certified electronics to integrate with plastic casing on site in their nation.  In addition to providing benefits to the end user, these programs support economic development on a wider scale by creating jobs within less developed nations.

Lamp Data – Standard Setup

Light Output 25 lumens
Light Per Night 4 hours
Charging Time 4-6 hours in sun
LED Type 1-watt base
Beam Spread 130° x 360°
Waterproofing Full
Size 64*38 mm

*The light output of 25 lumens is about twice as bright as a typical candle.

Our lamps are designed to mimic kerosene or candle light that people in developing nations would normally use, while keeping costs low.  It has a large spread so the light can illuminate a wide area such as a typical hut or study area for multiple children.  Our above specifications are customizable based upon partner organization requirements.Tega Lamp Spec - Front

Quality Assurance

Bright New Ideas uses high-quality electronics manufacturers and maintains full control over all stages of the delivery process from design to production to delivery.  We only use suppliers which use statistical process control and implement controlling methods into the manufacture of our equipment.  We use program management techniques to implement and continuously improve our design andTega Lamp Spec - Side Photomanufacture quality standards set out by international quality boards on solar lamps such as the World Bank Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP).

Made in USA

Commitment to American Economic Development

Bright New Ideas is committed to economic development both at home and abroad.  Where possible and appropriate we use components made in America.  Examples of parts we have used in the past coming from America include PVC casing, custom inductors and metalized film.  We continue to explore ways of sourcing and innovating our products in ways that are favorable to the American economy.