Fundraising Advisor

Bright New Ideas Summary

“Bright New Ideas” is a grassroots non-profit organization improving health and education in the developing world through the use of combination solar-LED solutions. We replace dangerous, kerosene lanterns with solar lamps using sustainable, subsidized commercial means.

Non-Profit Expert Advisor

Bright New Ideas is looking for an advisor with expertise in fundraising, grant writing and contribution acquisition and development. Our goals for this year include:

  • Expanding our current programs,
  • Partnering with other non-profit organizations who have established distribution infrastructure in areas of the developing world where there is no access to electricity,
  • Maintain and grow our organization

Benefits & Contact

Bright New Ideas offers qualified candidates the opportunity to be a part of our team, learn the inner workings of exciting, game changing technology and to make a real long-term difference in the lives of people who really need help.  Contact Bright New Ideas President Patrick Delaney today through our website contact form.