Our Philosophy on Non-Profit Effectiveness

Bright New Ideas strives to be better and more effective than other humanitarian organizations.  We thrive on intelligent discussion from the donor perspective.  Since it is easier today than it was decades ago for donors to choose where to best invest their charitable giving, we believe that we should carefully plan and execute our activities based upon effectiveness of poverty alleviation.  In turn, we envision a higher level of competition with other non-profit organizations will help to truly alleviate the burden of poverty around the globe.

Our vision is to evolve an organization that is more thoughtful, data-driven and effective.  We want to see money move to places where it does the most good and away from where it does the least.  To accomplish this we will

  • Work with local non-profit organizations around the world which can more properly assess the need for solar lamps in the existing infrastructure in their area.  We will not act in a “mission-trip” style and avoid spending money on airline tickets.
  • Take a long-term view of poverty alleviation or recovery efforts.  We look to build upon efforts over time rather than fly-in, drop-off and fly-out.
  • Keep an eye on equity – by donating solar lamps an organization is potentially causing an imbalance to others in a given region who will not have access to these benefits.  We audit our partners to ensure that their distribution is fair and equitable.
  • Keep an eye on the environment – batteries and plastics being used in solar lamps will eventually end up somewhere in the environment as they fail.

Poverty alleviation is our focus – more specifically, economic development, health and educational improvement.