About Us

At the beginning of time torches lit our caves.  Later in history people penned the foundations of democracy by the light of candle at their desks.  Today electric lighting lets us see our highways and stadiums at night.  There’s even a little tiny light bulb that lets us see the inside of the refrigerator.

Light is the great unifier – and a metaphor for knowledge.  From huts and villages around the world to the offices of presidents and statesmen, light is used to develop infrastructure, do work, and help children learn how to read.

That’s why we work so hard to distribute solar-powered LED lighting around the world.  We know that with light comes knowledge, productivity and democracy.  We know that all human beings are interconnected – that injustice and ignorance abroad hurts us at home.  We know that bringing light where there is darkness will help all people for generations to come.

Our Mission

“Bright New Ideas” is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit organization improving health and education in the developing world through the use of combination solar-LED solutions.  We replace dangerous, kerosene lanterns with solar lamps using sustainable, subsidized commercial means.

Our Team

People on our team range from many walks of life, nationalities, speak different languages and have differing skill sets. We work hard and collaborate towards our common purpose of bringing light where there is darkness.


Bright New Ideas has partnerships with organizations around the world to bring light to those who are most in need under a sustainable social entrepreneurship model.

Current Projects

Read about Bright New Ideas programs in our projects section.


Bright New Ideas is looking for talented advisors in several core areas of need. Please visit descriptions of who we are seeking under opportunities.