Bright New Ideas Wins $5k USD in Competition

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Bright New Ideas has won $5000 USD in a local competition known as the Minnesota Cup Competition.  The presentation was lead by entrepreneur and Bright New Ideas team member Vance Trendov who at the young age of 26 beat out over 50 other (much older) professionals from around the Minnesota Twin Cities Metropolitan area to win this money, which will go directly to support our programs to help the people in need in Nicaragua and around the world.

Asanti Sana – How Much Spent on Kerosene Lighting?

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Verdi and her family give their opinion on our solar lamp prototype – mentioning that they spend an equivalent $0.30 (USD) per night (a lot of money for them) on kerosene lighting.

The Edge of Kenyan Civilization

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The sky is so sunny and beautiful in this area – Njoro, Kenya just outside of Nakuru. Children were playing in the fields on this wonderful Saturday afternoon – it was so peaceful – no one could have imagined that this area had so many problems just a couple years ago when the 2008 post-election violence broke out. Felix told Patrick that this was a particularly dangerous area where he would not have dared to travel – for fear of having his name checked on his ID card – and being hacked to pieces for being from an enemy tribe. The area is peaceful for now but no one knows what will happen during the next election in 2012. We speculate that with better access to lighting and education, violence and tribe conflict can diminish over time. We look to build a more peaceful and understanding world.

Morning Singing

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This school, named Morokoshi, near Nakuru, Kenya has benefited from the use of a solar lighting systems over the past year or so. These children were doing their daily morning singing and recitals when we came in.

If You Have

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We are taking a short break today from our video series on Kenya today to present you this message, which is currently circulating the internet:

Irenejerrie in the town of Sewage, Nakuru, Kenya

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Yes this town is really named, “Sewage.” In this YouTube video, Patrick Delaney interviews Irenejerrie about our Bright New Ideas solar lamp prototype with Felix translating. Children gather around from the surrounding area, knocking each other over and trying their best to distract the camerawoman, Alexandra.

Old Wires and Old Transformers

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In this YouTube video shot in Nairobi, Patrick talks about frequent spontaneous blackouts that occur for most of the world’s population – during an actual blackout! Crazy!