Your Opinion On Our Project

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Bright New Ideas will kick off solar lamp assembly in rural Nicaragua in late March. As a part of the exploration and engagement themes of our organization, we need your help! Tell us your opinion of what will be the results of introducing solar lamps into Nicaragua! Your feedback will help us frame up how we deliver the project!  This poll will close on March 4th, 2008.


Patrick Talks about Exploration

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Bright New Ideas Work With University of Minnesota

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University of Minnesota LogoBright New Ideas has teamed up with a University of Minnesota Institute of Technology class to better engineer the design for the Bright New Ideas solar lamp, known as the “Tega Lamp,” named after the project location of Jinotega in Northern Nicaragua.  This lab course will undergo a multi-week process to improve the design and production of the lamp.  More updates on this project will come soon.

Global Warming Evaluated

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In my view the purpose of this Blog is to take a neutral, academic approach in discussing the topics our organization is tackling.  So I would like to take this opportunity today to discuss a topic widely ignored in discussions about global warming, that is; the scientists who oppose the mainstream view of global warming and their views.

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Microloans in Nicaragua

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One of the jobs of this blog, as I see it, is to promote the humanitarian work already taking place in Nicaragua, and showing you the full spectrum of work that is being done so you can know the different ways in which you yourself can help. We are not just promoting energy solutions, but encouraging activism as well.

Microloans have received a lot of publicity in Bangladesh, but there is also a lot of work in microfinance being done in Nicaragua as well. Make sure to check out this article on how university students are bringing the idea of microfinance to Nicaragua. If you don’t know what microfinance is, you could read this wikipedia entry to learn more.

Solar Technology Revolution from Nanosolar

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A company called Nanosolar based out of Silicon Valley reported in December 2007 that it has a way to make solar technology remarkably less expensive.

Resonet Takes LED Lighting Into Creative Realm

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“Resonet,” a public art project based in the United Kingdom used LEDs in a highly creative way. The Resonet lights up based upon resonant frequencies in its surrounding environment. This is an interesting example of how LEDs – used in our solar lamp project – can be used in many more creative and imaginative ways. You can visit the Resonet website here.

St Olaf College Goes to Nicaragua

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Local students from St Olaf (in Northfield, Minnesota) recently went to Nicaragua to take health surveys of the local population in Jalapa, Nicaragua. I think this closely ties to what we hope to see through our own organization, Bright New Ideas. We hope to build awareness of the situation in Nicaragua. Many of the students traveling there had their first experiences with poverty. Continue Reading

Dim Outlook

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Today’s La Prensa (national Nicaraguan newspaper) reports that the working age population grew by 70,000 people between 2001 and 2005. It’s estimated that by 2010, an additional 118,000 new workers will come of age to enter the workforce. Continue Reading

Congress Battles for Solar Credits for 2008

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According to a recent Forbes Article, US Congress is attempting to override a possible veto from President Bush which would extend and enhance renewable energy tax credits, specifically in the solar arena.

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